A Personal Approach

‘You certainly bridge the gap we’ve been looking for — the personal and hands on approach of a freelancer but the competencies and breadth of an agency. I really appreciate your efforts.’

The Scots College Old Boys’ Union


We Could Not Have Done it Without You

THANK YOU both for your patience, creativity and advice over the last few weeks. It is amazing what has been accomplished in a relatively short amount of time, we could not have done it without you. I’m sure there will be some more design work coming your way in the future now we know how awesome you are!

ACT Government – Transport Canberra and City Services Directorate


Major Lift in Quality and Standards

‘The feedback reported to me from the Annual General Meeting yesterday was that there were many compliments, that people were suitable ’wowed’ by your efforts and it was a major lift in quality and standards than that we had previously delivered.’

Information on Disability Eduction and Awareness Services


Every Deadline Was Met

Spectrum Graphics created our 2015/16 Corporate Reports (including our Annual Report). The team was a pleasure to work with and met all our needs in an extremely timely fashion, every deadline was met. The process from our end was stress-free and a delight. The designers are extremely talented and creative and we’ll definitely be using Spectrum Graphics in the future.’

Invasive Animals Cooperative Research Centre



‘Thank you for your great work and patience with all the changes. Everyone around here is very impressed with the quality of work you have done.’

Australian Sports Commission


The Minister’s Office Loves It!

‘The final design was better than we anticipated. The feedback from our Minister’s Office has been positive – in fact they loved it! Thank you again – it has been a real pleasure and every time someone asked me who did this work – I am shouting out your name and saying you can be found on the creative services panel.’

ACT Government – Transport Canberra and City Services Directorate


Customer Focus

‘…your team demonstrated an excellent customer focus, responding quickly and imaginatively to our requests and keeping us well informed of developments throughout the process.’
‘…an innovative, flexible and creative team of individuals with a highly professional and customer focused approach.’

Department of Industry


Professional and Efficient

‘…thank you for the outstanding work undertaken by Spectrum Graphics for DOHA…we have already received feedback from people impressed with the high quality presentation…your team was extremely professional and efficient…’

Department of Health


Adding Value

‘This is a seriously classy piece of work – great content and great production – which will undoubtedly add great value to this organisation.’

Commonwealth Scientific & Industrial Research Organisation [CSIRO]


A Delight to Deal With

‘The outcomes were exceptional and demonstrated your company’s culture of client service and quality delivery.’
‘…a delight to deal with despite the consistent pressure and tight deadlines within which you worked.’

ACT Chief Minister, Treasury and Economic Development Directorate


Exceptional Design and Service

‘The level of service and graphic design offered by Spectrum Graphics throughout this project was exceptional.’
‘We also had the additional complication of needing to be accessible to people with a range of disabilities. Spectrum Graphics managed these requirements in a professional and thorough manner.’
‘…the staff at Spectrum were always supportive of our needs and the pressures of our non-negotiable deadlines.’



Innovative and Highly Effective Design Solutions

‘…Spectrum Graphics have successfully demonstrated their ability to provide professional client service in addition to innovative and highly effective design solutions.’
‘…consistently met urgent deadlines without compromising the quality…’



Glad we Used Spectrum

‘I am so glad we got Spectrum to produce the publication. You’ve all done a marvellous job. It looks splendid!’

Australian Government Information Management Office


Stress Free

‘…you’ve done a marvellous job with the Annual Report. …The whole process seemed to be relatively stress free. Thanks for all your effort.’

Australian Fisheries Management Authority [AFMA]



‘I LOVE LOVE LOVE both designs. Struggling to decide. Want them both. Extremely talented design work.
Thanks so much for really caring about the end result and for all of the lovely meetings with you and your crew. It has been a joyful experience.’

ACT Commercial Enterprise Director