Australian Business Volunteers – Annual Report 2013–14

The ABV approached us to develop a new approach for their annual report. This included a double page spread of infographics that summarized 12 months of their achievements.

This report was far more business like than previous iterations but still reflected the very personable nature of their business. This included integrating photos of volunteers overseas and case studies. Along with a brand makeover, their new promotional collateral and new look annual report aligned ABV’s expectations on how they wanted their unique expertise to be perceived by business and Government business partners.

More about ABV’s’ mission, vision and values here

Front cover

ABV Annual Report 2013-2014 cover

Infographics spread

ABV-AR-infographics N

Infographics spread


Internal spread

ABV Annual Report 2013-2014 inner spread

Internal spread

ABV annual report design