High Court of Australia – 2013-13 Annual Report

We loved producing this publication! As an iconic and architecturally wonderful building we were spoilt for choice on how to respectfully represent Australia’s highest court. The client applauded our design concepts that employed photography of people using the building’s courts, foyers, furnishings and dramatic images of the building’s interior spaces plus exterior shots of the building from Canberra’s lake foreshore. This ethos of people and place is carried through to section starts and is typographically supported with elegant fonts. The report was printed on an environmentally friendly uncoated stock that gave the design features, colour palette, images and report ‘textures’ a warmth and tactile quality. We supported the report’s content and eased the readers experience by using colour navigation aids throughout. Spectrum have been commended for the report’s compliance, aesthetic and functionality – from the dedicated Canberra Court staff to the seven Justices of the High Court. After flicking the green light to go to print, an accessible PDF of the report was created and sent through to the client.

Front cover


Internal spread

HCA Annual Report 2012-2013 inner spread 2



Internal spread

HCA Annual Report 2012-2013 inner spread

Internal spread

Annual Report