Invasive Animals CRC – 2016-17 Annual Report

We really enjoy working with the IACRC team!

It’s a design challenge to visually represent the organisation’s task to eradicate introduced animal species from Australia. To achieve this, we created an abstract depiction of their programs using an animal, harsh edges and angles along with earthy tones. Toothy uncoated and tactile stock further serve to incite interest with stakeholders and the uninitiated alike. A similar approach was employed across the report’s companion document.

IA CRC 2016-17

IA CRC 2016-17 2 2

IA CRC 2016-17 2


IA CRC 2016-17 4

IA CRC 2016-17 5

IA CRC 2016-17 6

IA CRC 2016-17 7