Spectrum at The Art of the Brick: DC Comics

Posted on Mar 17, 2016
Spectrum at The Art of the Brick: DC Comics

Bill headed north and amongst other pursuits he and his daughter headed to the Powerhouse Museum to check out a glorious mash up of two of his favourite childhood toys – LEGO and comics! Who knew you could make a living as an artist doing this!

The two of them were astonished at the volume of work, the attention to detail and delighted at the artist’s interpretive pieces. SO VERY COOL!

The artist Nathan Sawaya is known as the ‘brick artist‘ was once a lawyer and now may just have the best job in the universe!

Here’s an article about the exhibition with a bunch of great pics.

The Batmobile was a standout. This is the world’s largest Batmobile and was built with 500,000 LEGO pieces!

We recommend you get to it if you get the chance!